When do the wet markets open during Lunar New Year

Prices of fresh meat and seafood at the wet markets generally increase before the Lunar New Year. This is because people stock up fresh food during the Lunar New Year period which the Chinese would break off for a rest of 15 days.

Luckily, in Singapore where Chinese is the majority, the rest is only a few days. The public holidays are two days but the unofficial ones (which people could take leave off work) last between 3 to 7 days. 

I was wondering when the wet markets would open. Apparently, it varies depending on the market and vendor. 

On the 6th day (初六6⃣️) of the Year of the Monkey which I visited Empress (Queens Road/Farrer Road), Meiling street and the Kreta Ayer wet markets, I found out that it was the 6th of the Lunar New Year 2016 (初六6⃣️) for Meiling Street wet market, and for the Empress (Queens Road/Farrer Road) and Kreta Ayer wet market, they were already opened on 初四4⃣️ (4th day). At the Meiling Street wet market, I also noticed the pork stalls were not opened yet in case you are expecting to buy a whole lot of different fresh meat after reading the blog. 

I also received a fresh tip from the lady selling vegetables how to cook a vegetable dish comprising of "百合”(means cooperation and peace) for 人日 (literally translated as "Man's day") which is on 初七7⃣️ of the Lunar New Year. This vegetable is only seen once a year. 

You could stir-fry seven kind of vegetables together to make this Lunar New Year dish. I am also thinking to include 蒜 (another good luck vegetable for the Chinese).

The highlight of today was the extremely pricy 酿豆腐 (Beancurd) at the Kreta Ayer wet market. This stall was crowded with people but the lady selling was unfair to the people queuing and charged this lot of Beancurd which I bought at $12. I thought it was pretty expensive. What do you think?

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