Wedsnesday Marketing

Today's Prices at the Meiling Wet Market are:

Sliced Pork ("Mei Rou") - 1kg S$23
Pork Loin ("Long gu") - S$7
2 Red groupers - S$38
生鱼 (Sheng fish) - S$7 (1kg S$20)
3 Chicken Breast Meat - S$ 7.50
2 whole chicken -2.8kg - S$16.80
White fungus - $1 (100g S$3)
Peanut- 100g S$0.50
3 Bunches Water cress - S$2.40 (1 bunch for S$0.80)
Old cucumber, Lime 100g, Spring onion 
- S$3.10

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This week's marketing

I went to the Meiling market today expecting to buy only eggs and fruits but ended up with a whole load of fresh food. 

I thought my supplies were running low so why not? I qhad used up my pork bones and Batang fish. As such, loading up on these this morning was a good idea. 

I bought : 

1 Whole Chicken - S$7.8
10 Chicken Drumsticks - S$18
2 Chicken breast meat - S$5

In total, I spent S$30.80 for chicken. The butcher helped me to chopped the drumsticks and removed the skin and bones for the chicken breast. Not bad. 

I bought 1 wedge of watermelon at S$2.50 and half a rock melon at S$3.

Pork loin bones today cost S$16/kg. For the last two weeks, it had been S$18/kg so the price dropped. I bought 2 packets of S$7 each, slightly less than a kg. 

For fish, I did not ask the price per kg for Batang. But for prawns and "Sheng yu" (生鱼), it was S$18/kg and S$20/kg respectively. 

I bought: 
Batang - S$10
Prawns - S$9
Sheng fish - S$7 for 350g

I needed some spices for my Emperor Herb chicken today. The pre-packed spices are very suitable for on the go mum like me. I am going to try a new popular brand today called Seah's. 

I spent S$10.60 for 4 packets of cereal prawn spices and 1 packet of Emperor chicken spice. 

I also bought 2 bunches of Watercress at  S$1.60. I noticed it is cheaper than the one sold in Giant at S$0.90 per bunch but it's more expensive than my last week price. See Marketing on a Saturday

Marketing on a Saturday

I missed my weekday marketing this week. Surprisingly, the fresh food I bought last Tuesday was able to last till the end of the week. 

I have guests coming from the church to visit us today and I want to prepare the best dinner. So, I decided to pick out my fresh food from the Tiong Bahru wet market. I love their fish stalls for the freshness and variety. You could pick out fresh crabs swimming in water, lobsters and clams, mussels etc. There are easily 20 fish/seafood stalls in Tiong Bahru wet market. 

I bought S$25 of pork and that was for 1kg of pork loin bones quoted at S$15/kg and 2 packets of S$5 minced lean meat. Looking back to my previous posts, I  thought that the price of the pork bones was on the high side.

I spent also S$30 on my fish and prawns. It was S$10 for Batang fish and S$20 for 1kg of prawns. Pretty reasonable, I thought.

Vegetables - S$18 

At the vegetable stall, I bought lotus root for only S$6.80 enough for 8 people, 3 bunches of water cress at S$2 and the rest - spinach, sweet corn, red scallots and garlic at S$8.80.

Planning to cook "Di Wang Ji" today, I bought a whole chicken @ S$6.80 and 1 chicken breast fillet @ S$2.70. 

Beef cost S$9. The half kg price quoted was S$10. I like this beef stall because the stall lady always provides advice on which part of the beef to use. Disclaimer: no benefit was given to me at all to mention the stall. 

I walked one more round to see if I needed anything else. Spotting the small fishes which I liked for frying, I decided to buy some. However, which stall to pick from was a tricky question. There were more than half a dozen stalls to choose from. I ended up with one stall which I had not patronized before. I asked for the price of the cod fish just to check. It quoted S$50 per kg for its cod fish. I thought it was rather expensive compared to Meiling market of S$45 per kg.

However, I proceeded with my purchase and told myself that I would try another stall for stall next time. 

We will see... So small fish was at S$20. See below.

I always love the Belachan chilli sold at the beancurd (酿豆腐)stall. I took a picture so readers could have a look. I usually add lime so it tastes spicy with a little sourness. Awesome!! I bought two at S$5. You could freeze it for use within two months. 

My last item on the list was fruits. I can't miss this one as the fruits sold in Tiong Bahru market are fresh albeit expensive. I bought 1 packet of jackfruit at S$3, half a watermelon at S$7, two packets of seedless green grapes and 1 box doughnut peach at S$28.

In total, I spent S$38 on fruits.

Don't miss the vegetarian and the “zui guei ” stalls in the food court on the second floor. I will cover that next time. 

Have a good week ahead and thanks for reading! 

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Tuesday marketing

Today, there is plenty that I need to buy. 

The stalls at 730am are usually quiet. I am one of the early birds as the local schools here starts early. I need to drop off my school-going children.

I start off with pork. I have a brief conversation with the butcher as I notice that his helper - his wife is not around. His wife fell sick last night. It will not be easy for him today. Tuesday is a busy day for wet markets. Wet markets are closed on Mondays and most homemakers come on Tuesdays to pick up fresh food which they run out of. I belong to this category. 

My mum and mother-in-law visit the wet market everyday in order to pick up fresher meat and fish. It is also lighter to pick up what you need everyday as compared to weekly marketing. Staying close to a wet market or supermarket is definitely a plus for homemakers. 

Today I spend :
S$37 on pork 
S$12 for Batang fish (500grams)
S$27 for cod fish (600grams)
S$20 for prawns
2 whole chickens - 3kg for $18 
Mango - 4 for $12
Ikan bilis - S$1.40 for 100g
Ginger - S$1.40 for 100g
Garlic - S$1.40 for 100g

The lady at the dried goods stall tells me that the prices of the ikan bilis and garlic stay fairly stable but the price of ginger fluctuates. It used to be S$4 to S$5 per kg but rises to S$6 per kg lately.

Last week, I bought the prawns at S$26 per kg as compared to this week's S$20 per kg. I captured a picture in my previous post. Do you spot any difference? The ones today are slightly smaller. I still prefer the cheaper stall given a minimal difference.

I notice that the prawns are cheaper at the stall which I bought the fishes. The fishmonger at the latter stall comments that her cod fish is at very reasonable price. It is usually S$50 per kg but she sells only S$45 per kg. I agree because I notice her prawns cost only S$18 per kg. I am definitely going to buy from her stall next week.

The vegetables today is very fresh. Lotus root costs only S$8.5 for close to 1.5kg and radish costs S$3.5 for 1.25kg. 

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading!

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Items today

It's been a week since I went to the wet market. Today I needed only fish, prawns, fruits and a little pork bones for soup. I usually buy "long gu" as it's the leaner part of the bones. Since I was there, I also bought some tomatoes and capsicum for lunch.

The prices are :

生鱼 (“Sheng yu”) : 450g - $9
Prawns - 500g - $13 (See photo)

Capsicum - 3 colours - $2.80
4 tomatoes (the kind from Malaysia) for $1.20

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