Pork and dry goods

I was running low on my pork as I did not get any on my previous trip on Tuesday. 

I usually buy S$7 pork bones for a pot of soup. I do not know the price per kg but today I ask so I could share this information. It is S$16 for a kg. I was recommended to buy this part of the pork called "Mei Rou" in Chinese. It is very tender and lean but pricey. One slab costs S$11. 

I also bought pork loin and asked the butcher to mince it for me. I usually buy S$5. Today I ask the per kg price and find out that it's S$13 per kg. 

I also needed dry goods and spent S$ 3.80 for 400g of yellow beans, 200g of black beans and 5 pcs of cuttlefish. 

Since I'm at the market, I must as well buy some fruits. So I bought half a watermelon at S$5 and half a rock melon at S$3.50. 

Lady at the stall and her fruits 

Items today

I need only prawns, vegetables, eggs and fruits today at the market.

The prawns always come from the usual stall that I frequent. It sells S$18 for a kg and the eggs were S$ 2 for 10. I bought 30 as my household is big. 

I am especially impressed by the vegetable stall today. There are a few in the Meiling market but never one which I especially frequent. 

I tried out 2 or 3 vegetable stalls in Meiling street before. One of them is cheap but the goods are not fresh. The other two have better vegetables but pricey. I didn't like the way the stall owner trade. 

Today this stall lady gave me reasonable quality with great price!! 

Look at these! S$16 for the lot and free lime from the stall lady. 

Share with me your prices at the different markets under comments. 

Have a great day! 

Items I bought today from Meiling wet market

I wanted to share the prices so that we could have a feel of what we would get at the different wet markets. 

Today, the prices were:

"Dua ban" fish (tail portion) - Sgd 13
"Sheng" fish - Sgd 8
Prawns - Sgd 18 for a kg

Chicken drumstick (10 pieces approx 2kg) - Sgd 18
Whole chicken - Sgd 8

Watermelon (2 wedges) - Sgd 5
Half Honeydew (orange and crispy kind) - Sgd 3

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