Tuesday marketing

Today, there is plenty that I need to buy. 

The stalls at 730am are usually quiet. I am one of the early birds as the local schools here starts early. I need to drop off my school-going children.

I start off with pork. I have a brief conversation with the butcher as I notice that his helper - his wife is not around. His wife fell sick last night. It will not be easy for him today. Tuesday is a busy day for wet markets. Wet markets are closed on Mondays and most homemakers come on Tuesdays to pick up fresh food which they run out of. I belong to this category. 

My mum and mother-in-law visit the wet market everyday in order to pick up fresher meat and fish. It is also lighter to pick up what you need everyday as compared to weekly marketing. Staying close to a wet market or supermarket is definitely a plus for homemakers. 

Today I spend :
S$37 on pork 
S$12 for Batang fish (500grams)
S$27 for cod fish (600grams)
S$20 for prawns
2 whole chickens - 3kg for $18 
Mango - 4 for $12
Ikan bilis - S$1.40 for 100g
Ginger - S$1.40 for 100g
Garlic - S$1.40 for 100g

The lady at the dried goods stall tells me that the prices of the ikan bilis and garlic stay fairly stable but the price of ginger fluctuates. It used to be S$4 to S$5 per kg but rises to S$6 per kg lately.

Last week, I bought the prawns at S$26 per kg as compared to this week's S$20 per kg. I captured a picture in my previous post. Do you spot any difference? The ones today are slightly smaller. I still prefer the cheaper stall given a minimal difference.

I notice that the prawns are cheaper at the stall which I bought the fishes. The fishmonger at the latter stall comments that her cod fish is at very reasonable price. It is usually S$50 per kg but she sells only S$45 per kg. I agree because I notice her prawns cost only S$18 per kg. I am definitely going to buy from her stall next week.

The vegetables today is very fresh. Lotus root costs only S$8.5 for close to 1.5kg and radish costs S$3.5 for 1.25kg. 

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading!

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